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IRS Problems Have a Way of Ruining All Aspects of Your Life.

They Take a Toll On You Financially, Physically, and Emotionally.

You Can Never Really Forget About Them, as They Always Come Back Each Morning When You Wake Up!

My name is Lawrence Denney and I have been solving IRS problems at the same location for over 15 years. My background as a former IRS agent (civil) and special agent (criminal) gives my clients a unique advantage in solving their IRS problems.

Your IRS Problems are unlike many other problems in life, which may, in fact, go away by themselves. Unfortunately IRS Problems just continue to get worse and more costly with new penalties and interest being added each day.

How Does the IRS Expect You to Pay Off Your Taxes If They Keep Adding Penalties?

I donít know what the IRS thinks, but I do know that they ruin peopleís lives every day with these ridiculous penalties. IRS penalties were supposed to be a slap on the hand to make you learn from your mistakes. But instead, they are used as a hammer to pound you into the ground so far that there are only a few options on how to get out.

What Do They Expect You To Do With Federal Tax Liens on Your Credit Report?

How can you possibly get a loan to pay them off, when your banker wonít even talk to you?

Federal Tax Liens prevent you from being able to borrow any money for a car or home.

Taxpayers with IRS problems often have to shop at "Buy Here, Pay Here" car lots because these car dealers donít care if you have a Federal Tax Lien, because they charge so much for the cars and usually have very high interest rates.

Cars are expensive enough without having to pay 18% to 21% interest on a used car loan, but with a Federal Tax Lien you donít have any choices.

The banks have gotten so tough on opening new bank accounts that anyone with a Federal Tax Lien is usually prevented from even having a simple checking or savings account.

This makes it hard for some taxpayers to cash their paychecks or to pay their monthly bills. Often they have to pay more money and use money orders or certified checks just to pay their rent or utility bills.

Taxpayers with IRS problems are always looking over their shoulder for the IRS!

Once you owe the IRS money, they become very aggressive in their collection attempts. One of the more common collection methods the IRS uses is the Levy!

They will use either a Bank Levy or a Wage Levy ―  If youíre lucky enough to still have a bank account. The Bank Levy allows the IRS to present your bank with a piece of paper that requires the bank to immediately withdraw all the money you owe the IRS.

Many times these Bank Levies are wrong, but the IRS doesnít care and itís up to you to correct the problem. Meanwhile, the checks youíve written are bouncing all over town.

The worst thing about the IRS Bank Levy is that it may capture your childrenís, parents', girlfriendís, or spouseís bank account if your name happens to be on the account ―  even if itís on there for convenience.

The IRS doesnít care. They just want to get paid and they donít care who pays your taxes.

After the bank has cleaned out all checking and savings accounts with your name on them, they send the money to the IRS. You should take this as notice that the IRS will issue another Bank Levy against you in the future to satisfy any remaining amounts owed to them.

Itís kind of like hitting the lottery for the IRS. Once they find out how to get your money, they will continue taking your money by issuing more Bank Levies.

As Bad as The Bank Levy Is, The Wage Levy (Garnishment) Is Much Worse!

The Bank Levy is a one-shot deal, meaning that the IRS must continue to issue a new Bank Levy every time they want to clean out your bank account. The Wage Levy (Garnishment) is much, much worse. Itís designed to bring you to your knees.

The Wage Levy is issued to your employer and it instructs the employer to immediately start withholding ridiculously HIGH amounts of money to pay old tax liabilities in addition to the normal taxes being withheld.

Wage Levies often result in you only receiving a few hundred dollars per pay period. This usually makes it impossible to pay your bills and eat. The IRS knows that Wage Levies cause all types of harm to you and your family, but they mail out thousands every day.

Having IRS Problems Gets Old!

There can be no real rest and relaxation until your IRS problem is completely solved. Itís hard to keep a good job or get your credit report cleaned up when the IRS continues to issue Federal Tax Liens and Wage Levies.

Without a bank account itís difficult to cash your checks or even pay your monthly utility bills. Even if youíre lucky enough to have a bank account, you have to always worry about the IRS wiping out all of the money in the account without notice.

Some taxpayers with IRS Problems have just a few assets they want to hang on to!

Then The IRS Pulls Out All Of The Stops. They Simply Seize Your Assets and Sell Them At An Auction!

Getting the IRS mad enough at you to seize your assets is not that difficult. Many taxpayers with IRS problems simply cannot bear to part with all kinds of possessions, for example:

ē Autos
ē Boats
ē Motorcycles
ē Real Estate
ē Retirement Funds
ē Insurance Policies
ē Antiques
ē Collectibles
ē Jewelry

All of these things may be very personal or sentimental in value to the taxpayer. The IRS could not care less. If the taxpayer wonít agree to whatever the IRS wants, then he risks having his assets seized.

Do not underestimate any IRS employeeís ability to follow through on the threat of seizure. Every IRS office in the country has a public list of recently seized assets and details about the upcoming IRS auction to sell those seized assets.

Payroll Taxes Are the Worst!

Many small businesses have cash flow problems for all kinds of reasons. How they handle these problems, especially when payroll taxes are involved, usually determines if they stay in business or not.

The IRS takes an extremely strong position on payroll tax violations. They would rather close the business and sell off all the assets instead of trying to work out a deal with the business.

The worst thing about business payroll taxes is that the IRS has the ability to collect business payroll taxes from anyone they think was responsible for not paying the taxes. For example, the business owner or any person with signature authority on the business bank account can be singled out for collection activity.

They will try everything to get these payroll taxes. Usually a visit to your home or work is in order to start the collection procedures. Then all of the weapons in their arsenal can be used (Liens, Levies, or Seizure) until the tax≠payer has agreed to some type of repayment.

Once the IRS has determined that the business cannot pay the payroll taxes and they have turned their sights on the individuals they think are responsible. . . look out!

What About Buying A Car or Home?

Driving a new car or an almost-new car these days requires you to borrow money or lease the car. Thatís because it costs so darn much.

Well, without the ability to walk into your local Auto Dealer and cut a deal on a new or almost-new car, you are stuck with that old unreliable clunker, just because you have a tax problem. It doesnít seem fair, but itís hard to get an auto loan or lease when you have an IRS problem.

Home loans are even harder to get. Heck, they are hard to get when your creditís good if you donít put a pile of money down on the home. Not having a home to write off causes you to pay even more taxes than your friends or neighbors because you have no tax deductions.

People who do have homes and then get into IRS problems risk the chance of losing their home to the IRS. Yes, I mean selling the home and giving the money to the IRS for payment of back taxes or letting the IRS seize it and selling it at auction. You see, having a home before you get into IRS problems may be even worse than not having a home at all.

For example, if you own a home and then find yourself owing the IRS $25,000 for some income or payroll taxes, you could be making house payments on your home that effectively is owned by the IRS. Once they file a Federal Tax Lien on your home, you canít sell it without paying off the IRS. This means that you continue making the monthly payments, continue to take care of the home, and the IRS just sits there and waits. You pay all the bills on your home and they get all the equity. What a deal!

Imagine Having the IRS Attack Your Pension, Retirement Social Security Check!

The IRS leaves no stone unturned in its never-ending quest to collect all taxes, penalties and interest. Sure, people think the IRS canít or wonít levy retirement funds. They hope that when they get old, the IRS will forget about them and how much they owe the IRS.

Donít believe it. The IRS never forgets! They just keep adding penalties to what you owe each day until they find you, or your money, or your income source. Then itís pay day for the IRS!

Taxpayers with IRS Problems Never Can Build Up Retirement Funds or Assets!

Youíll always be looking over your shoulder for the IRS. This usually means you have to work until you die. Youíll have no opportunity to save up for the days when you canít or donít want to work anymore.

There Is No End In Sight!

You just get up every day with this incredible large problem on your shoulders. You wonder if todayís the day when the IRS shows up at work, at home, or if they decide to levy your bank account or paycheck. Itís a large load to bear every day.

Most people around you donít know what youíre going through. You just keep going, but you know in your heart that doing nothing about your IRS problems is not going to make them go away.

Are There Ways Out of IRS Problems?

Yes, there are ways to end IRS problems, but you must decide to end them. No one else can decide for you. When you decide that enough is enough and you want to have the things that everyone else has and youíre really ready to do something about your IRS problems, there are options available to you!

Our firm specializes in ending the misery of IRS Problems! There are many possible ways to end these problems, but they all require you to take the first step.

No one can help you until you decide to help yourself. We are very successful in ending IRS problems, but the taxpayer must be ready to follow our advice. We can walk you through the IRS maze.

We do all the talking to the IRS. We also handle all the meetings and correspondence with the IRS.

Most of Our Clients Never Even Meet With the IRS!

The solutions to IRS Problems often include filing old tax returns to get you in current compliance with the IRS. The IRS will not negotiate with anyone unless he is current with all required filings. This means all income tax returns and payroll tax returns, if you have employees, must be filed.

The IRS assumes that if you wonít at least get your required tax returns filed, then why waste the time trying to negotiate with you?

Itís a rather simple request and we have easy ways to complete old tax returns. We realize that many taxpayers have lost old records or just canít find them! We can help you file old tax returns without any records, but you have to take the first step.

Once we have filed all your old tax returns, then the IRS will at least listen. What we tell them is how you want to end your IRS nightmare by . . .

Cutting a Deal to Pay Less Than What You Owe!

How much less? Well, if you qualify, a LOT LESS! The IRS looks at these old tax liabilities and knows it canít collect most of them. So they have set up this great new program called Offer In Compromise. This program, allows taxpayers to pay pennies on the dollar to settle up on old income tax and payroll tax liabilities.

When I say settle up, I mean completely. 100%! Once the IRS has accepted the amount you offer and you pay the reduced amount, then the IRS releases all Federal Tax Liens. Your IRS nightmare is over and you get your life back.

Many Taxpayers Have Been Able To Get The IRS To Reduce The Penalties.

For taxpayers who donít file an Offer In Compromise . . . They request the IRS to abate the IRS penalties for ďReasonable Cause.Ē This can be as simple as explaining to the IRS that your basement flooded.

Itís a great way to drastically reduce the total amount you owe the IRS, and all it takes is a few letters

Many taxpayers use our firm to keep the IRS away from them and their families.

Most of our clients never meet or speak with the IRS.

We make the IRS call US, so our clients can go to work and carry on a normal life.

Your IRS problem will not go away by itself. You only have three choices to end your IRS nightmare. You can do one of the following:

1. Pay the IRS 100% of what they think you owe today.

2. Set up a monthly payment plan which never seems to go away due to the daily compounding of penalties and interest.

3. Reduce the total amount you owe to an affordable amount and get on with the rest of your life!


I can help you explore all the choices and options but you must take the first step.

You can call me to discuss your options in confidence. You have nothing to lose except the peace of mind most people already enjoy. Why not get some for yourself and your family?

If you are in the Metro Atlanta area, call my office today at (404) 874-9866 for a consultation.


Lawrence Denney

P.S. Unless you take the first step to solve your IRS problem, it will never go away.
Call now (404) 874-9866 to take this first step. What have you got to lose except a few minutes of your time?

P.P.S. The fact that you read this entire report shows me that youíre not like the normal person with IRS problems. Youíre trying to end your IRS problems.

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